General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Russian Transport Academy is the supreme governing body of the Russian Transport Academy NGO and is held at least once every 5 years.

The exclusive competence of the General Assembly includes the following matters:

  • approval of the Academy’s Articles, making changes and amendments to them, approval of the new version;
  • identification of priority directions of the organization’s activities;
  • determination of the principles of creation and use of the Academy’s property;
  • reorganization and liquidation of the Academy;
  • election of the President and members of the Presidium and the early termination of their powers;
  • election and early termination of Vice–Presidents powers upon the President’s recommendation;
  • election of the Audit Commission members and early termination of their powers;
  • hearing reports of the elected officials;
  • awarding of medals, prizes and other awards on behalf of the Academy for outstanding scientific work, achievements, discoveries and inventions.

General Assemblies are chaired by the President of the Academy. In his absence, the First Vice -President or one of Vice-Presidents preside on his behalf.

The members of the Academy shall be notified about the time, place and the agenda of the General Assembly in accordance with the decision of the President or the Presidium of the Academy.